In the Army, it's not's chapel!

Life on an Army installation includes religious services throughout the week. Even though I work as a staff officer at a battalion of several hundred Soldiers, chaplains also have responsibilities for chapel-related ministry. Since my background is Christian Education and we have three kids, we easily find a place in the children's area. I will preach occasionally, but normally my personality and gifts find things to do behind the scenes.

Chapel involvement is an integral part of military ministry. At Camp Humphreys, Korea we work at the largest chapel community in the Army.

Agape chapel service at Camp Humphreys, South Korea

Sunday morning worship

Our faithful coffee crew. With 700-800 people, every week is a full-blown operation.

Two of our skillful media volunteers

Chaplain (CPT) Bielefeld connects people to service opportunities

Amanda leads the elementary age group on Sundays.

Pretty sure this Easter Sunday broke some attendance records.

Chaplain (MAJ) Snodgrass teaching a marriage workshop

The reasons we exist as a chapel community

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