Word of the Day - My top 30(ish) quotes

Pausing on a run to give a word to Soldiers who just arrived to the unit.

"Chaplain, you wanna say something?" I have been asked that question many times, sometimes in front of several hundred people. I have learned NEVER to say NO when given the opportunity.

#ArmyChaplains are known to give a "#WordoftheDay" or "Thought of the Day" in various settings, sometimes without notice. Over time I have collected hundreds of quotes on a variety of subjects that I use when speaking with Soldiers or leaders in small or large group settings. I carry several of these on laminated cards at all times because I am often called upon to spontaneously address people. (I have learned to always be ready!) I don't keep quotes handy because quotes are cool, but because words have power. Proverbs 18:21 informs us that death and life are in the power of our words. Therefore, I see tremendous opportunity in speaking life into people when given the chance.

I usually have no idea what affect, if any, a spoken word has on people. Like the parable in Scripture, I liken it to throwing out seeds on soil and trust that some will land on good soil and produce fruit. Every once in a while I get a little feedback. One time when out in the field I sat down in an eating area with some KATUSA Soldiers. One of them let me know that one of these quotes resonated and was often repeated among the KATUSAs. It encouraged me to know I made an impact on them.

Here are some of my favorites for you.

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